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Guided Sleep Meditations

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Jan 27, 2021

Take a break from winter in your imagination as you listen to the sound of the ocean surf, feel the warmth of the sunshine and smell the salty air around you.  A beach is the perfect place to sit in the shade and relax completely as you drift off to sleep.  Over 180 guided sleep meditations are available on our Premium...

Jan 13, 2021

The forest is alive with the sounds of the birds high in the trees. Today you'll be walking along the forest path until you reach a lovely cottage in a clearing. There you can discover positive and wonderful things about yourself that you may have forgotten or not focused on for a while.  The cottage is the perfect...

Jan 4, 2021

8D is a popular immersive audio format where the sound moves around the listener.  We've taken our Zen Beach Guided Sleep Meditation and created an immersive 8D audio version of it for you to enjoy.  Let us know how you like it by giving us feedback at  if lots of people like this...